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Hello there!

It has been months since I posted, but I needed to step back for a while. My dissertation is in the analyzing stage which means I am writing up all my research into the final drafts. We also just had my husband’s social security disability hearing. After three long years, we are hopeful for some good news in the next month. My leadership class jokes that I don’t sleep and I have to admit they are pretty close to the truth.

How are you hanging is there? Since we are in Maryland, we are currently sheltering in place. I am teleworking which is interesting. I teach virtually, so it is not much of a shift for me. However, with so many others also teleworking, the internet has been pretty unstable. My son is also just starting virtual schooling. We are still waiting to see what that will look like. It just started today and so far none of his teachers are fully ready. It looks like we are not going to have to worry about sticking to someone else’s schedule though. Thankfully, the days are nice, so even though we can’t go anywhere, it is comfortable to just be home. Today we had dinner on the deck and even spent time in the Swim Spa (it’s heated, so perfect all year long!).

There is no normal right now and if you try to fake that everything is normal, you are probably just going to add more stress. Take a moment to just sit and relax. Play music when cooking. Watch movies together with your family. Play a board game. Go for a walk with the dog. Set up a tent in your backyard…or even in the middle of your living room. You do you!

How are you going to remember these days? You can stress about them or you can use it to your advantage. Only you can say what will fuel your fire. If life is burning you out, then give yourself permission to take a break.

Just a happy boi enjoying the sun

2 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. I just wanted to come on here and comment with some positive energy for you because I really relate to you. Back in 2004 I was in grad school with my husband and I had a 3 yo and a newborn and I was working on then defending my dissertation, so I know how hard it is. It takes a strong woman to go through that process and I just wanted to give you a round of applause for that. My hubby also has health issues and I know how hard that whole process can be, too. I’m in NYC so we are pretty locked down here. Because of my husband’s heart issues, I am the only one who can go out for groceries but it’s been pretty good. We have so many options when it comes to stores, so you can find places that aren’t packed. Anyway, I really love reading your blog and I am glad you all are doing well. Stay safe and I’m sending lots of good vibes.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! My thoughts go out to you and your family as well. My husband is also high-risk, so I will also be braving the stores soon. Positive vibes and stay safe!

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