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Are you interested in blogging? I know it can be confusing, so I am working on creating a guide filled with tips and tricks. Look here for info in the near future.

What do I use? 

I have used many different websites over the years. I actually started out with a Geocities website (remember those?!) where I talked about anime and fanfiction. I then moved to Blogger which contained an earlier version of this blog but have since migrated to a account.

There is a lot of back and forth about which account is right for you. You can find free accounts (or almost free) from, but there is a lot of pros and cons to using that type of setup. For example, you have to do your own updates and backups. While I am tech-savvy, I just don’t want the hassle, so I actually pay for a Business account through They do everything for me and can also step in when things happen like a rouge plugin taking down the site. Yes, that can happen and has!

If you are interested in setting up a account, check out this affiliate link for more info.  You will be redirected to WordPress and if you decide to sign up, I receive a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you. If you do set up a blog, let me know so I can follow you. Let’s grow our personal learning networks!



Social Media

Most of my site traffic comes from Pinterest. I also have a Facebook page set up. It is really easy to setup automatic posts to both Pinterest and Instagram via the Tailwind app. I also belong to several tribes on Tailwind made up of bloggers with similar interests to mine. We share posting pins which can help increase traffic. I highly recommend you check Tailwind out!

*Update* Wow! My statistics have been jumping tonight which leads me to another tip…Facebook groups. I am very hesitant to post my own links in these groups, but I will share links from others if I have tried the recipe myself. That good karma has paid off. Someone shared my Maryland Crab Soup link to the Instant Pot Community Facebook group and my hits in the past hour have been the best ever. So remember that if you want to succeed, grow your network! You can find more about networks here.

Want to make your images clickable? Try out Canva! This is a very easy to use tool for the desktop or tablet. It is as easy as click and drag.

Try Canva Pro Today


Newsletters are a great way to build your audience. Lots of blogs will offer a free download of some type of printable or eBook for signing up. If you are new to creating eBooks, you might want to check out Scribble which is a cloud based products that helps you create amazing content. I hope to have my downloadable available soon!

Stay tuned for more updates and tips!

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