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I am obsessed with kitchen gadgets. So here are some of my favorites. If you click on the images, they will link you to a site for purchase. Please note that these are affiliate links, so I do receive a small percentage, but I won’t recommend anything that I don’t use myself. I try to keep this list updated, but you can always find more of my recommendations on Amazon via this link.

Instant Pot 6qt Duo

The Instant Pot is one of my number one recommendations. I have the 6qt currently and probably use it at least three times a week. I have made cheesecake, soups, beans, but my favorite has to be cooking a frozen roast in about an hour or shredded chicken from frozen in about twenty minutes. Even my husband uses it, so that is saying something!

Aozita Steamer Basket Rack Set with Removeable Dividers for Instant Pot Accessories

If you want to do any type of steaming in the Instant Pot, I recommend the one above because it has a partition to separate the food as well as a stand. It works great for hard boiled eggs!

Fat Daddio’s Anodized Aluminum Round Cheesecake Pan, 6 Inches by 3 Inches

This is the pan I use for making cheesecake in the Instant Pot. I also use precut parchment papers to fit. It works great and so far no leaking or seeping.

Amazon Alexa Dot  

Does it sound strange that this is listed in the kitchen? Honestly, this is the tool that I wasn’t quite sure about until we got it…and then proceeded to buy two more for the rest of the house. This is my kitchen timer, weather updates, clock, my radio, my quick reference when I need to convert, but most of all, this is my grocery list. Alexa keeps a running shopping list for me so when I am running low, I just say “Alexa add x to the shopping list” and Bam! There it is added to my list. When I am at the store, I just log into the app and see all the items that are needed for that week’s groceries.

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Garden Tower Project


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