Survived and Conquered!

Special thanks to Elizabeth Muller for the nifty badge!

The A-Z Blogger Challenge is now over! It was a great experience and love all the new friends. I will admit that I am more of a silent lurker than a commenter, but I do stop by to visit.

What this means for the blog is that there might not be daily updates, but it will be more constant. My husband has challenged me to see how many words I have posted in the last month to see if they equal anywhere near novel length. Um, yeah, that means I need to get my butt in gear and make a dent in my WIP.

Stranger than Fiction (BTW that title so needs to change, but that is down the line when I have a little bit more worked out) is currently sitting at 4k words and I have decided to work on that one for a while. Plus, I have a whole bunch of digital ARCs sitting in my NetGalley inbox waiting to be read and reviewed.

Maybe the next challenge I will take up is the Delacorte Press Contest for a First Young Adult Novel. They should be announcing last year’s winner soon. Wonder if anyone made the cut; it’s the type of contest where sometimes no one gets the prized contract.



Z is for Zombie

Come on! You knew it was only a matter of time until I went there. After all, I am the zombie whacking ninja princess (sorry, inside joke. Yes, I know, extremely unfair).
*readers scratching heads in confusion*
I really do feel like one of the walking dead at the moment. I just finished up with a stellar storytelling program that went very smoothly except that we were cursed with an absolutely beautiful day. The kind of day where you want to go to the beach, a beach that is only about 15min away…
Yes, everyone went to the beach. πŸ™
Well, it is over and I am very excited because I have a copy of The Dark and Hollow Places (Forest of Hands and Teeth, Book 3) by Carrie Ryan. Yes, it is a zombie apocalypse story. I am absolutely in love with it.
I was going to say I love zombie stories because they can remain the villain rather than the love interest, though I know some authors have done it. Frankly, that is just gross. But I remember reading a series where zombies were the secondary characters who were really just very misunderstood and had lives just as social as any vampire or werewolf. It actually worked in the book, but that was a special circumstance. I mean really, zombie romance? I prefer a romance with zombies.
Have you seen the new Ford commercials featuring zombies?

Something else zombie related that I absolutely love is the ghoulishly delightful cookbook Zombie Cupcakes: From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake Corpses by Zilly Rosen. I am not a bit fan of fondant but I love these tasty treats. The graveyard brownies look absolutely yummy. This will be a definite purchase to add to my collection which boasts of titles like Ghoulish Goodies: Creature Feature Cupcakes, Monster Eyeballs, Bat Wings, Funny Bones, Witches Knuckles, and Much More! (Frightful Cookbook). If you work with teens then they are an absolute must for fall programming. I mean who doesn’t know that the Walking Dead (aka zombies!) are HOT right now? Well, these are HOT out of the kitchen HOT (sorry, bad attempt at humor).
Hmm, getting kind of hungry…umm, brains…cupcake brains…

Y is for Yikes

…as in I almost forgot to write this blog post.

So I watched the Dr Who premiere last night and was very excited to see that it was taking place in Brevard County at what was once back in 1969 called Cape Kennedy. Now it is called Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.

Considering that today was suppose to be the launch of space shuttle Endeavor.I find their timing pretty ironic. president even visited today! Would have been great if he had stayed a bit see surrounding community. So many families depend in some way on industry and business program brings area.

According to the local news broadcast, the President promised the astronauts that he is committee to funding NASA research.

*sigh* If wishes were rocket boosters, astronauts would fly…

X is for X-Men

It was so hard to think of a topic for X, but then a blog post from Writing Rockstar Meg Cabot about her reading choices had me thinking about X-Men.

In case you couldn’t tell from the blog title, I am a little obsessed with superheroes. I am, however, a bonafide Marvel lover. To me they can do no wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love Smallville and Batman (You did know Batgirl was a librarian, right?). Plus I am very excited for all the superhero films coming out this summer, but DC just doesn’t hook me the way Marvel does.

My ultimate favorite are the X-Men and my favorite pairing is Jubilee and Wolverine (the whole movieverse thing had me disappointed for a while, at least my girl was in the director’s cut). When I was in high school and college I used to read fanfiction based on the series. My favorite site was The fanfiction is no longer up, but the site still sits there in honor of the best comic duo ever (yes, I wanted them to hook up. JeanGrey is just a skanky two-timer who can’t make up her mind). The website creator, Marjorie M. Liu, went on to become a published author in her own right (New York Time Bestseller in fact!) and her books do have some x-factory goodness to them.

When I was student teaching, I had a student who wrote X-men fanfiction. It was pretty good, but the cooperating teacher thought she was wasting her time. I wish more teachers would recognize the value of comics in encouraging readers and writers who do move on to more challenging stuff (not to mention that there are some really deep topics covered in comics that can be just as challenging as anything to be found in a classic).

W is for Wedding

It doesn’t matter where you look this week, everyone is talking weddings. Particularly the Royal Wedding this Friday (which I find very funny considering the USA was founded by people who wanted nothing to do British Royalty and yet today we are obsessed with them).

So today I share with you one of my favorite Brits and a song about weddings…Um, yeah…weddings…

You know, he kinda looks like Spike. Billy Idol would make a great vampire. πŸ˜‰