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What I Read: November & December

I know, I promised you that I would have a post up with my current reading list and thoughts…Well, hey, it is still December, right? So here is a combined post of what I have read over the past two months. If you want to read summaries of what the book is about, then head over to the Amazon link (if you buy the book, I get a small portion of the sale through my affiliate link). These are my thoughts after reading the books. Enjoy!

 Winter of the Witch is the latest book in what stands as a trilogy based on Russian folklore. I loved the first book, dragged my feet on finishing the second, and admittedly devoured the third. However, I felt a little empty at the ending. I love romances and I really wanted a romance to happen in this book. In a way it did, but not to my satisfaction. It was enjoyable to read a different take on the Baba Yaga stories plus other tales that tugged at my recollection but just couldn’t place. Loose ends were nicely tied together, but I am really hoping that this turns out to be a four book story because I want more interactions with Vasya and Morozko.

I love everything that Julia Quinn has written. So when I got my hands on the latest Bridgerton story, I told my husband I would be spending the night reading and everyone was on their own for dinner. This book was fun and filled with hidden identities and a feisty heroine; my favorite type of story. I also loved that references were made to other Bridgerton and Rokesby family members from previous stories.

Yes, I actually read something serious. I have read advice from Dave Ramsey and his followers before, so decided I should probably sit down and read the actual book. I can proudly say that I am on step two of Ramsey’s Baby Step process. I have my emergency fund set up and am working on paying down my credit cards through the snowball process. I have actually paid off three of them so far to a zero balance and three more will be there next month. By the time my student loans start coming due, I can just swap out my car payment for my loan payment…hopefully. One thing he advises is to pay off your debt before you start investing. Well, I was already doing micro-investing. Since the market is not doing well, I have stopped my automatic deposits, but my money is still there for the up and downs of the market. My advice if you want to get your finances straightened out is read what is out there, but realize that there is a lot of different advice out there. Find the fit that works best for you and your situation. But no matter what, get that emergency fund setup! I have mentioned it before but having savings is what keeps my family afloat from month to month on one income.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne was a fun book. It reminded me of the type of rom-com you might have seen in the late 90s with Rene Zellweger or Kate Hudson. Honestly, it kinda reminded me of a Kdrama even down to there being a company retreat. Right now I am watching the Kdrama Feel Good to Die and I am getting the same vibe that the two characters just thrive on batting heads together.

Knocked-Up Cinderella was another fun read. It is about a school principal who finds herself in the position of being unmarried and pregnant. It was another one of those Hallmark type rom-coms, tough a little steamier. Honestly, I have a soft spot for stories where couples get together because of a baby…though it is usually historicals that I read. So this was a departure from my norm. Honestly, the only thing I did not like about this book is the cover art. The heroine does not read as a skinny blonde to me. I like that she was not what is portrayed on the cover.

I am currently reading the latest Brené Brown book. I love her books and this one is part of our virtual book discussion for our library leadership division. I am not that far into it yet, so I really can’t give accurate thoughts, but I will say that I love that she is willing to discuss things again because she refers to things from previous books and I can’t remember what they were. So having her give a brief summary to remind the reader is just awesome!

Have you read anything interesting lately? Share your thoughts on a new book (or new to you book) in the comments.

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