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Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork 

I am really not a fan of pork in general, especially not pulled pork. But my son made a request last week that he really wanted me to make pulled pork for dinner…and then we were at an event at a local park that was selling pulled pork sandwiches. I really couldn’t justify the price they were selling the sandwiches. So I promised him that I would make it for dinner one night.

We had this last night and it was so good that I actually had a third helping. Now one of the things that I have heard people complain about with the Instant Pot is that it isn’t really instant. It took me a little over an hour to make this dish, but the taste was just like if it had been slow cooking all day. There was so much flavor! So for me, this really was a time saver. Plus I worked on homework while it was cooking since it was pretty much a set it and forget it type of meal. I set a timer for part way through the cooking via Alexa on the Echo Dot I have in the kitchen so I could start a side of cornbread to finish right as the pork would.

I hope you enjoy this recipe because it has been added to our family favorites. Enjoy!



  • 4-5 pound pork loin
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 bottle BBQ Sauce (approx 18oz)


  1. Add 1/2 cup water to your Instant Pot. Mix in quarter of the bottle of BBQ Sauce.

    2. Cut your pork loin up into large chunks.
    3.Add pork to the Instant Pot and top with half the remaining BBQ Sauce. 
    4. Set Instant Pot to “Meat” for 60 minutes on high pressure. Make sure to close your vent.

    5. When the time is up, let sit to NPR for 15 minutes. Carefully release your vent to let out the remaining pressure and steam.
    6. Strain the meat using a large slotted spoon.

7. Use fork or meat shredder to pull meat apart to shred. 
Plate to your preference as the main dish or add to bread for a pulled pork sandwich. Use the remaining bottle of BBQ Sauce to drizzle over the pork to your liking.

We enjoyed ours as a main dish with a side of cornbread and steamed broccoli. I think next I might try this with an Asian Sauce for some lettuce wraps. Yum!

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