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Goals for October

Ugh! Where did the month go? I feel like I blinked and October happened. So before I start on what my goals are for October, let’s recap what happened (or in most cases, didn’t happen)with my September goals.

September Goals

1. Pass the IRB Committee Review

Yes, it was down to the wire, but I was officially approved on Sept 27th to begin my doctoral study. My survey went out to my participants on Oct 1st. So this goal can be checked off as done!

2. Contact all the doctors

This one was a no go. We did have an appointment with my husband’s primary doctor and she agreed that he needs to get up to Johns Hopkins where the specialists will actually talk to each other. But the only movement I have made on this goal is that I have the forms to fill out to release his records.

3. Post at least one blog post a week

I have had some of the best traffic on posts in September and I did post multiple times in a week, but I did not keep the pace of posting each week. I think I hit more like 3 out of the 4 weeks, so it wasn’t too bad. We could count this as a half met goal.

4. Upload a short story to Kindle Direct Publishing

HA HA HA! What was I thinking that I could meet this one? Sadly, nothing happened with this goal. My work in progress is still sitting there waiting for edits.

So what do I hope to accomplish for October? Well, October is one of my favorite months because I consider it the start of the holiday season. Yes, I count Halloween as part of the holidays because it is a fun and exciting event. You have food (candy), events (trick-or-treating), and decorations. My porch is already decorated. I miss the Halloweens from my childhood. As an adult, I don’t see as many trick-or-treaters as we had growing up. But I digress…Here are my goals for October:

1. Contact all the doctors

Yes, this one is back on there. It is an important one, so I have to make some headway on it.

2. Find a pumpkin before the end of the month

Sounds easy, right? There are pumpkins everywhere, but it is also a little too warm out yet to put a real pumpkin on the porch. However, my husband and I have learned that if we wait too long, there will be none to be found anywhere. Two years ago, about three days before Halloween, we went on the lookout, but could not find one. It was sad.

3. Do something self-care related

So stressed right now. Part of the reason my September goals didn’t quite happen is that I had a lot of migraines last month. So I spent a lot of time trying to sleep them off. A lot of stuff fell through the cracks adding to the fact that just feeling overwhelmed right now. Therefore, a goal for this month is to do something for me. Maybe give myself a pedicure, maybe read a book on the deck now that the weather is cooler (and hopefully no mosquitoes!). My lovely teenager made me chocolate chip cookies after school yesterday (pre-made dough, but still). So maybe I will find a recipe and make something with him.

I am going to leave the list at three items. We will see what happened this month. Though I am excited to say that I have reached some of my financial goals. I have a $1000 emergency fund in the savings account finally. So now to work on paying off those credit cards. Baby steps, right?

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