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Yeah, I know we are suppose to have two separate blog entries for each letter, but a friend gave me this idea. So for the combined letters of J and K, I present some of my favorite spoof/parody YouTube videos.

This is a parody video of Aqua’s Barbie Girl. I love it because, though I might not fit the descriptions in the video, I am a Jersey Girl.

I love Taylor Swift’s music because it all tells a story. My current favorite book series is Carrie Ryan’s Forest of Hands and Teeth. Pair the two themes and you get this awesome parody video from VenetianPrincess.

I love paranormal and supernatural themed books. However, I really do think that vampires, well, they just need to die. Make them the bad guys again and Van Helsing their butts! The whole vampire craze is a bit over done for my tastes and that is why I love this next parody video.

Hello, librarian, had to mix that in here somewhere. I think we need more ads like this…Ummm, yeah…

Dr Who…Star Wars…Need I Say More?

Okay, this is from one of the best Graham Norton episodes ever. If you want to find out what happened after the guy from the personal ad got the picture of “The Doctor” try to find part 4 of the video.

BTW the joke was on me tonight because this was the second time I have tried to post this. My Blogsy app froze right when I was updating. The guys at Blogsy were right there on Twitter after I vented a bit of my frustration. Great customer service. I may have had a hiccup tonight, but I still highly recommend the app.


Hmm... Don't you hate that part where you have to stand in front of the class and introduce yourself? Yeah, me too. Hi, my name is Jennifer! I am a librarian, teacher, writer, blogger, mom, wife, and, um, wannabe superhuman. Well, yeah, to get everything done in our hectic every day lives, we all have to be a bit superhuman these days. Don't you agree?

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