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A daisy by any other name is not an expert

I recently read a journal article that left me a little agitated. It was about the power of words and how they influence how others see us. Now, I won’t get into the details of the article and why it agitated me, but let me just say that calling a daisy a rose just can’t happen. Sure they are both flowers, but the two are unique from each other. Rather than call the daisy by another name, why not campaign to show the value of the daisy as a flower?

Now, this all had me also thinking about the word expert. There is no such thing as an expert and anyone who says there is or that they are one… well, they are either lying or just really full of themselves. You never truly know everything; you should always be learning and striving to gain more knowledge. The information doesn’t just stop at a certain point, so why should the learning?

This guy has the idea

So our Not Quite Superhuman lesson of the day is that it is okay to be who you are and words can’t change how you value yourself and if you are good at what you do and always strive to be better at it then others will see it too.

Okay, class, homework for the day is to think of ways you can be better at what you do. How can you be a continuous learner?

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