Android or iPhone: that is the question

Happy April Fools Everyone!

Well, I was going to post about the origins of April Fools, but to be honest, I just couldn’t rouse the energy to research about it. Maybe, I just wasn’t interested enough. So what to write about that could start with the letter A? Why A? Well, today marks the first day of the A-Z Blog Challenge. Let’s see if I can keep up.

So what starts with letter A? Android does. Now I love my blackberry, but it doesn’t love me and right now it is good for little more than a paperweight. It also seems that because my husband’s phone died a horrible death recently, I am not eligible for my free upgrade! Tragedy!

If I wait until April of next year, I can get my coveted iPhone 4. However, I don’t think my blackberry is going to make it another year. I do have the option of upgrading to a LG Vortex which seems to have all the neat little features that I wanted in the iPhone. I do still have my iPad (*insert voice over* “My Precious”). It may not have 3G, but both phones can act as a hotspot if I decide to pay extra to my carrier. Probably not, but cool that it is an option.

So the question throw out into the blogsphere…Do I upgrade to the LG Vortex now or get a cheap *basic* phone to get me through until the iPhone next April? Those of you who have the Vortex speak up, I want your opinions.

*sigh* I am too much of a gadget junkie.