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Just a little night shopping…

Okay, I have a problem…when I can’t sleep, I check out Amazon and add things to my cart. Usually, they are items I saw as a Facebook or Pinterest ad, but have learned from experience not to order directly from those links. Sometimes, I get some real winners and sometimes I get items that have me questioning what I was thinking. Usually my late night shopping trips involve cleaning supplies or some type of household organization need. A lot of times they are grocery orders to be delivered the next day. One time I even bought a first aid kit and an laser thermometer. You can tell that anxiety (especially this year’s COVID anxiety) plays a part in all this…Anyway, this is a list of my latest haul that turned out to be pretty helpful after all.

1. MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom and Squeegee with Telescopic Handle- 12.4″ Width

This broom was seen from a different vendor on Pinterest. I have used Mr.SIGA products before and loved them, so this one was already a winner when I saw it on Amazon. It was advertised as a broom that can help with pet hair. I have one short hair mutt and one long fluffy mutt. There is hair everywhere. I admit, I have not tried this on the rugs yet, but after getting frustrated trying to sweep the patio rugs on the deck, I decided to try to out. It is so wonderful I will be ordering a second one so I have one for inside and outside use. My regular broom just gave me sore arms, this one actually got the rugs clean.

2. NICETOWN Taupe Bathroom Runner Rug and Mat, Bath Mat for Door/Tub, Slip-Resistant Absorbent Soft Comfortable and Fluffy Chenille Toilet Area Rug

We are on a dog trend here…there has been a lot of rain lately and that means the dogs have been tracking muddy paw prints everywhere. I tried putting down towels and other rugs, but it didn’t work other than getting bunched up all over the place. I did a search for a rug for pet paws and this bathroom rug was a match. So I thought I would try it. I placed it next to the dog door and have not had a muddy paw problem since. I am actually thinking of replacing my bathroom rugs for this too. It is so soft!

3. 5 Pieces Silicone Mixing Spoon (12”,10.8”,10.6”,8”) Silicone Slotted Serving Spoon Heat Resistant Basting Spoon Nonstick Kitchen Spoon Cooking Spoon for Kitchen Mixing, Serving and Stirring Tools

You would think my guys ate spoons because it always seems like I can’t find one when I need one. So I decided I needed to purchase some more. When this one came in, I was nervous that the small spoons were too small, but they are actually the perfect size for stirring a pot of sauce. Plus, since they are silicon, I don’t have to worry about my son leaving it in the pan too long (yes, he has melted a couple kitchen utensils). Win win!

4. Sterilite 12178006 1.5 Bushel/53 Liter Ultra Square Laundry Basket, White Basket w/ Titanium Inserts, Pack of 6

I hate folding laundry. We also live in a two story house which means the laundry room is on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second. Laundry baskets usually sit around until I can get one of the guys to carry it up or down for me. So I decided I needed to work smarter not harder. I purchased these baskets that are deeper, but not as wide as my usual baskets. It is the perfect size for me to safely carry up the stairs. I also don’t feel as overwhelmed when I see these baskets cause they look smaller.

5. Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets King Size Cooling Sheets Deep Pocket Bed Sheets

Theses sheets are worth every penny. When we switched from our winter to our spring sheets it was to discover that unfortunately something had ripped through the sheet set. I am not sure if it was the washer, the dog, or mice. But I needed some lightweight sheets. These are bamboo and so soft, my husband finds them the perfect cooling temperature and I find them perfectly warm. I am not sure I could go back to microfiber. I even got a second set for my birthday this month and ordered pillowcases.

6. Bedsure 50% Cotton 50% Bamboo Blanket, Waffle Weave Blanket for Couch/Bed, Soft Lightweight Blanket for All Season

So there is a reason I think the dog may be behind the sheet incident…she ate a hole in my weighted blanket…twice! So I decided I would not be getting a third weighted blanket. My anxiety seems to be doing better since my husband has been done with the whole hospital thing from this winter. My sister gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and it just so happened this blanket went on sale. I decided to treat myself. When I got it, I thought it might be too lightweight. It seems like it is the same thickness as the sheet set except it has a waffle weave to it. Well, I guess that texture gives it extra warmth because I have used the blanket for a week now and it is perfect. I do have it doubled up, but it is so lightweight that I don’t even notice. I know, I went from weighted to lightweight…go figure.

Do you have any products that you recommend I should check out in my next insomniac shopping binge?

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