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See you in September…Wait! That’s today!

I had a bit of a shock last week as I realized that school would be starting and September would be here. It has been a very busy summer and time has just gotten away from me. Back in May, we began the transition of finding another rental in our price range that would accept dogs. Thankfully, I found an awesome place, though it was a bit more than our previous rental. The pluses were that we wouldn’t have to deal with oil heat and there was a Swim Spa (which the landlord describes to us as a 8 person hot tub). This place is my dream house. It has a covered wrap around porch with a swing perfect for watching thunderstorms, a great back deck, plenty of room in the kitchen and bedrooms, plus an office! The downside to all this is the move wiped out my savings. Thankfully, I was still teaching this summer, but the check was late getting to me so we did have several bills that were paid late. Fun times, fun times!


I haven’t posted anything since May, but between the move, teaching, and the dissertation, I have been extremely busy. I attended my third American Library Association Conference, but I got very sick while there and two months later, I am still recuperating. This has left me with very little energy to do anything. We have eaten out a lot this summer just because I have had little energy to do shopping let lone cooking. I still haven’t even finished unpacking from the move! So there has been no Instant Pot experiments happening. Oh, but I have plans on all the yummy stuff I want to make.

It hasn’t been all chaos though… We met our new neighbors at National Night Out. Everyone is really nice and it is a very dog friendly street. I even remember everyone’s names, but that is mainly because the neighborhood representative gave us a sheet with everyone’s contact info on it and I studied that sheet for days leading up to the street party we had for NNO. My son also has classmates that live in the neighborhood. That is the first time in his life that we have ever lived close enough for him to walk to a friend’s house.

I wish everyone a good start to another school year and hang in there! Change is an opportunity…at least that is what I keep telling myself. 😉

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