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When did February happen?

I haven’t posted an update in almost a month, but I have been busy. I am currently halfway through the current quarter and trying to keep up with all my course work. In fact, I will have a post up later this week as part of an assignment for my Social Media course. It will be all about Personal Learning Networks.

I did have a post ready to go about how much I love the micro investing service Betterment, but then the Dow dropped 666 points and then over 1000 points. Not that I had a lot invested as it was, but I really was not liking the feeling of losing $20 in the a matter of a week. It is one thing for it to dip into my interest, but now it is dipping into the investment deposits. I am not liking this feeling, but with any type of investing, you need to be in it for the long haul as the market will have its ups and downs.

I do have good news! In fact lots of good news…the first one is that my dissertation proposal finally made it past my supervising professor and I am now waiting on committee feedback to see if I am really to defend the proposal. Once that happens, I will begin the field research stage of my doctoral dissertation process. Yay! One step closer to being Dr Jen.

The second piece of good news I have is that my husband has just launched a website called Life-ing 101 which will be a collection of life hacks, tips, and so much more about well… living. It is more than just adulting, it is about thriving. Stop by and check it out! https://lifeing101.com

February is a short month, but I have plans…I hope to get some more recipes up and I am also working on a couple of review posts, my goal for the month is to read at least a book a week. Honestly, my to be read pile on my kindle of advance reader copies is getting kind of overwhelming. Make sure to check out the Recommendations tab for book and product suggestions.


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