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Update on Twitter book reviews

Okay, the first Twitter book review is up. Remember that first does not always mean best (in other words, my example might suck a bit). Feel free to try your hand at the mayhem. Rules? Well, of course there are rules!
1. Give book title
2. Include hashtag #bktweetlet
3. Include hashtag #awesomeness, #sucks, etc to express your feelings on the book.
4. Remember you only have 140 characters to express this all, be creative!
5. Have fun!

I will try to collect some of the reviews to post on this blog as they start coming in.

2 thoughts on “Update on Twitter book reviews

  1. I used to be very anti-twitter until I had a class on digital media and HAD to sign up for an account. I let it lurk untouched with the exception of my delicious account sending it updates. THEN I discovered that it was a great way to network with other writers, especially since most of my favorite authors are avid tweeters. I give great props to those that actually take a moment to tweet me back, too. 😉

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