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Thoughts on Joy vs Happiness

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the concept of joy. I write a lot about happiness, but how does that differ from joy? They are connected, but they have distinct characteristics and experiences associated with them. While joy and happiness share common elements...

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Amuck! Halloween Decorating is my Self-Care

What to Wear

Update from Self-Quarantine —lost count what day…

Fight Feeling Like a Fraud!

However Tough…

Gratitude Boards

Do Nothing Day

Silence and Reflection

As I write this post, I am sitting on my deck with a cup of coffee listening to the birds sing. It is a little chilly still, but still perfect and tranquil. I know I have not posted any updates in a while. I caught...

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Recently at an impromptu office holiday pizza party to celebrate the last day of work before the holiday, the topic of holiday traditions came up. When I was asked what my family did, I froze a little. Do we have traditions? Did we have traditions...

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Break Out the Pumpkins!

Let’s Talk About Self Care: a top 5 list

Small Wins Equal Big Change