Just a Little Sunday Morning Jewelry DIY

It is a bit dreary out today, but I love it because, except for the wind blowing in the trees, all is quiet. So I got out a stash of jewelry supplies I have picked up with coupons recently at Michael’s. You can typically always find a coupon using the phone app for Michael’s and, if you share your email, they will even send you bonus coupons to your inbox.

These items came from two separate trips which meant I got to use a 25% whole purchase coupon as well as a 50% on one item coupon. They are a mix of semi-precious stones and glass stones with the most expensive item being that 14k gold chain for the dark blue stone. Honestly, my pictures here are not doing the stones justice.

Most of these pendants also came from the clearance section of the store. I always check out that section for great deals. Sometimes I mix and match during that same shopping trip of items from clearance matched with items on sale or at regular price (I always use coupons!). As soon as I saw the chain with the small brown beads in the clearance section, I knew I wanted to pair it with an owl pendant. They had the perfect one on sale in another section. I have two more semi-precious stones that I didn’t have chains for, but they were only $2 each so I couldn’t pass them up. Into my stash they went. For all four necklaces, the cost came to about $30. That is less than $10 a necklace!

I love the Bead Gallery collection even though the tags don’t identify what the stones are other than semi-precious. Honestly, I don’t really care if the stones are real. I only care that they are pretty. The blue semi-precious stone with the gold is a nice addition to my collection as I tend toward silver pieces, so I am trying to open up my accessories a little to include gold. I love that Amethyst (that one did have a identifying tag since it from a different collection, so I know the stone). I paid full price, well discounted with a coupon, but it is so pretty how it fades to a brownish purple color. The sea glass stone is also such a pretty blue green color. That owl pendant is such a fun piece. It reminds me of the owl from the original Clash of the Titans movie.

I have a whole stash of loose gems and semi-precious stones that I inherited from my father. He used to order stones from overseas with the plan of one day turning them into jewelry. My mother found a box last month and gave them to me. She is convinced there is more in the house. So I might get another box if she finds it. My goal for this summer it to learn how to set them so I can turn them into pendants like the ones pictured.

I also love taking apart thrift store jewelry and repurposing it for something new. I highly recommend if you want to update your accessory collection, check out thrift stores and craft stores!

Crafter’s Annoymous

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a crafter.

::Hello Jennifer::

July was a pretty busy month for me craft wise. It all started because my birthday is in July and last year my father sent me a string of faceted ruby beads (the ruby of course being the birthstone for July). I was determined that this year I would make something with those beads. I had an idea in my head and silly me I went to Michaels without one of the beads. I tried to find a bead that I thought would match well. Unfortunately, when I got home I discovered that the stones I bought didn’t mesh well with the rubies I already had.

As every crafter knows, what doesn’t work with one project can best be saved for another day. It just so happens that I saw a comment on a craft blog about Wholeport sponsoring a Creativity Expo and they were giving away free items on their blog with the condition that they had to be used to create a craft that would be posted on their Facebook page. The prize for the top ten items with the most “likes” would be a $50 gift certificate to their store. Now I have never done anything like this before, but I thought it would be pretty cool. I sent away for #7 the Gold Crystal Circle Beads. These looked perfect to go with the beads I had already purchased. I paired them with some smaller faceted pewter colored glass beads.

closeup of earrings

necklace and earrings together

closeup of necklace details

Please visit Wholeport’s Facebook page and click “like” for their page and then for my creation to help support my habit. πŸ˜‰

Well, remember I said the month had been busy. My crafting did not end there. I also attempted knitting…with silver wire and beads.

I will admit that I am in love with this bracelet and it turned out so well. I got the idea for it from the Michael’s website. They have some awesome stuff on there. Unfortunately, I can not find the original link that I used for the instructions. Basically what you want to do is thread your beads onto your silver wire before you cast on. I used a little more than 65 beads and I used a random mix of glass pearl and pewter beads (do those pewter beads look familiar?). Then you want to cast your stitches. I didn’t write down the number I cast on, but the wire is pretty stiff so cast on till you get the width you want your bracelet and it should be about right. As you add rows, slide beads up as you knit stitches. Depending on how many you add per row and which stitch you add the bead to, you will get a very cool random pattern. But wait! There is more!

So I received a Facebook message a couple of weeks ago that went something along the lines of “Hey, you knit right?”. What progressed from the simple question is my new obsession. I was asked to make a pair of chunky fingerless gloves. Now, my knitting skills are questionable.

Back in the day, my Hungarian grandmother taught me how to knit, but then I promptly forgot all about it until shortly before my son was born about six years ago. I was in charge of scheduling community programs at the library and I found a woman who offered to teach knitting once a week for about a month. Her name was Julia, which was my grandmother’s name and since I am a big believer in signs, I decided to take her class as well.

For some reason, I couldn’t get my stitches to look exactly like the instructors. We think that my brain has somehow meshed what may have been my grandmother’s Continental style of knitting with what I was learning to completely turn my skills backwards. The results can be pretty cool, but I just simply can’t follow a patten and hope that it will look like the corresponding image. I guess you could say I have my own style. Because of this, I never strayed from simple knits like throws and scarves. Fingerless gloves would be a challenge, but I was excited to try.Yeah, guess you can say it has been a busy month.

Oh, those rubies that started it all…still sitting in the drawer. But I have some antique copper findings and beads that I know are going to look perfect with it…I promise…really…

Update Your Home


So maybe it is the fact that this book comes out on my son’s birthday (9/24) or maybe it is my Hungarian seamstress grandmother’s influence, but I love Sew Up a Home Makeover: 50 Simple Sewing Projects by Lexi Barnes. I am a novice sewer at best, so as much as I may drool over the ideas presented in this book, I know that I am just not up to par on every project (to be honest, I just don’t have the patience to do a big sewing project). However, there are really simple ideas that I could do in a day or less and that is what I love. I mean I spend about $1-$2 on one placemat; multiply that by 6 or 8 and that could have been almost a complete meal. Fabric remnants are cheap and it is even cheaper if you up-cycle from some other item purchased secondhand or rescued from the closet. Why did I never think of making my own?!

That is the great thing about this book, it is a way to turn a nothing into a something just by adding a bit of new fabric you can create anything from a new slipcover for the beat up sofa to a cushy headboard for the bed. BTW I sooo want to make a marshmallow cushion. It is a project towards the back of the book (saving best for last?). They are perfect for lounging around at home, make them from a vinyl material and they might even be pool-side friendly. I can already see several in my future when I finally get my home organized. Yes, you see I still have unpacked boxes from when we moved in last year. I can not start any new projects until my guest/craft room is finally empty. *slacker*

Up-Cycling is a great way to decorate your home using materials you either already have or ones you can get cheap secondhand. When my husband and I moved miles and miles from Jersey to Florida we only had what we could fit in the back of a 4dr sedan and that was with room for two American Eskimos in the backseat. We hit up the local thrift store and were able to furnish our home on the cheap in a style that we liked. We still hit up the thrift stores and eye the garage sales, but I have to admit that our style back then was no where near the gorgeousness of those at Vintage Revivals.

Vintage Revivals is so awesome that they even have a Epic Room Makeover Giveaway right now where they will come and makeover your home. You have until April 30th to link up your picture for the vote. Maybe I should put a picture of my box filled room up on the site. You would all vote for me right?