Ack! What Have I Done?!

Writer’s Digest is sponsoring a critique contest with agent Kristen Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency.

Simple, just submit the first 1000 words of your manuscript and you have the chance of being featured in an issue of Writer’s Digest with a corresponding critique from Kristen. This is a wonderful opportunity to see just what it is that you are doing right or wrong. Well, if you get selected, that is.

It is also a very scary prospect because if you are selected, then your work will be featured in an issue of Writer’s Digest with a corresponding critique from Kristen.


Well, criticism is suppose to be good for you and very helpful, so I have thrown my lot into the ring. I just emailed the first 1000 words of Stranger Than Fiction to the contest (BTW that has been renamed to Hooking the Hollywood Hottie, will change name on WIP list when I get access to a real computer). The contest ends Sunday, May 22nd 11:59pm. If selected, I will hear from them by June 30th.

What have I just done?


Survived and Conquered!

Special thanks to Elizabeth Muller for the nifty badge!

The A-Z Blogger Challenge is now over! It was a great experience and love all the new friends. I will admit that I am more of a silent lurker than a commenter, but I do stop by to visit.

What this means for the blog is that there might not be daily updates, but it will be more constant. My husband has challenged me to see how many words I have posted in the last month to see if they equal anywhere near novel length. Um, yeah, that means I need to get my butt in gear and make a dent in my WIP.

Stranger than Fiction (BTW that title so needs to change, but that is down the line when I have a little bit more worked out) is currently sitting at 4k words and I have decided to work on that one for a while. Plus, I have a whole bunch of digital ARCs sitting in my NetGalley inbox waiting to be read and reviewed.

Maybe the next challenge I will take up is the Delacorte Press Contest for a First Young Adult Novel. They should be announcing last year’s winner soon. Wonder if anyone made the cut; it’s the type of contest where sometimes no one gets the prized contract.


Update Your Home

So maybe it is the fact that this book comes out on my son’s birthday (9/24) or maybe it is my Hungarian seamstress grandmother’s influence, but I love Sew Up a Home Makeover: 50 Simple Sewing Projects by Lexi Barnes. I am a novice sewer at best, so as much as I may drool over the ideas presented in this book, I know that I am just not up to par on every project (to be honest, I just don’t have the patience to do a big sewing project). However, there are really simple ideas that I could do in a day or less and that is what I love. I mean I spend about $1-$2 on one placemat; multiply that by 6 or 8 and that could have been almost a complete meal. Fabric remnants are cheap and it is even cheaper if you up-cycle from some other item purchased secondhand or rescued from the closet. Why did I never think of making my own?!

That is the great thing about this book, it is a way to turn a nothing into a something just by adding a bit of new fabric you can create anything from a new slipcover for the beat up sofa to a cushy headboard for the bed. BTW I sooo want to make a marshmallow cushion. It is a project towards the back of the book (saving best for last?). They are perfect for lounging around at home, make them from a vinyl material and they might even be pool-side friendly. I can already see several in my future when I finally get my home organized. Yes, you see I still have unpacked boxes from when we moved in last year. I can not start any new projects until my guest/craft room is finally empty. *slacker*

Up-Cycling is a great way to decorate your home using materials you either already have or ones you can get cheap secondhand. When my husband and I moved miles and miles from Jersey to Florida we only had what we could fit in the back of a 4dr sedan and that was with room for two American Eskimos in the backseat. We hit up the local thrift store and were able to furnish our home on the cheap in a style that we liked. We still hit up the thrift stores and eye the garage sales, but I have to admit that our style back then was no where near the gorgeousness of those at Vintage Revivals.

Vintage Revivals is so awesome that they even have a Epic Room Makeover Giveaway right now where they will come and makeover your home. You have until April 30th to link up your picture for the vote. Maybe I should put a picture of my box filled room up on the site. You would all vote for me right?