V is for Vuvox


I love Vuvox. It is a free tool available on the internet for creating interactive collages. This is a great resources for educators, librarians, and writers. You can use it to market a program, teach a lesson, or even incorporate a digital booktalk into it. I love the idea of using it to promote books because it allows the user to explore a bit more than a digital book trailer does. The only downside to the application is that it does use Adobe Flash which means that it can’t be seen on an iPad or an android device (Bad Adobe! Haven’t you learned nothing from Beta? If you don’t allow others to use your technology then something not quite as good will come along to take your place. i.e. VHS).

*If you are viewing this post in a blog reader, you might want to check out the actual post because there is a pretty cool Vuvox collage on Digital Booktalks at the top that doesn’t seem to want to carry over. 😉


Blogger…there’s an app for that

I made a decision over the weekend and ditched the Blackberry in favor of the LG Vortex. So far I have not been disappointed. It sychs with all my google stuff, I can even get blogger. Though I have to say that my all time favorite app is GroceryIQ which is a free app provided by coupon.com. This app is available for both android and apple which means I can make a list on my iPad and have the list at hand on the phone while cruising the aisles at Wal-Mart.

What makes this app better than any others that I have tried is that it will list the items according to grocery aisle and I can input the price of an item so that next time I add it to my list it will keep a running total of what my grocery trip is going to cost me. I can also specify more that one grocery or warehouse club store and either designate items specifically to a certain store or list it as available for any store.

Yes, I am of the school that technology makes life better. What apps are your favorites?

Android or iPhone: that is the question

Happy April Fools Everyone!

Well, I was going to post about the origins of April Fools, but to be honest, I just couldn’t rouse the energy to research about it. Maybe, I just wasn’t interested enough. So what to write about that could start with the letter A? Why A? Well, today marks the first day of the A-Z Blog Challenge. Let’s see if I can keep up.

So what starts with letter A? Android does. Now I love my blackberry, but it doesn’t love me and right now it is good for little more than a paperweight. It also seems that because my husband’s phone died a horrible death recently, I am not eligible for my free upgrade! Tragedy!

If I wait until April of next year, I can get my coveted iPhone 4. However, I don’t think my blackberry is going to make it another year. I do have the option of upgrading to a LG Vortex which seems to have all the neat little features that I wanted in the iPhone. I do still have my iPad (*insert voice over* “My Precious”). It may not have 3G, but both phones can act as a hotspot if I decide to pay extra to my carrier. Probably not, but cool that it is an option.

So the question throw out into the blogsphere…Do I upgrade to the LG Vortex now or get a cheap *basic* phone to get me through until the iPhone next April? Those of you who have the Vortex speak up, I want your opinions.

*sigh* I am too much of a gadget junkie.