Questioning Giants: Embracing the Pursuit of Knowledge and Challenging Established Wisdom

Advertisements In the pursuit of knowledge and progress, we often find ourselves standing on the shoulders of giants. These giants represent the experts and visionaries who have shaped our.

Take a Creativity Break to Recharge Your Brain

Advertisements Creativity can recharge the brain by engaging and activating different neural pathways and networks that might not be used during routine or repetitive activities. When we engage in.

Learning from the Movies: the Concept of the Tenth Man from World War Z

Advertisements As a creativity researcher, I love ideas that seem out of the box. Recently, I attended the Maryland Libraries Futures Conference. This reminded me of some of the.

The Creativity Prescription for Stress Relief

Advertisements It has been almost a year since I last posted. I have been writing and reading, just not working on this blog as much. I started this blog.

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