Book Review: Queen of the Dead

Queen of the Dead (A Ghost and the Goth Novel) by Stacey Kade might possibly be one of those sequels that surpasses the first book. I don’t want to spoil the first book for anyone who hasn’t read it, but while I did think the book was awesome, I was a little uncomfortable with the stereotypical view that Alona had that everybody wanted her (including females), though that fit in a bit with her shallow personality. The whole point of Alona being sent back from the light is for her to change her ways, right?

Queen of the Dead picks up two months after the first book ends. Will and Alona are still doing their thing helping ghosts atone for their regrets so they can move on to the light. Things get complicated when they meet a fellow ghost-talker who doesn’t quite share Will’s benevolent attitude towards spirits (Did I mention said ghost-talker is female?). It doesn’t help that Alona’s mom and dad are both moving on with their lives. Alona feels like she is being left behind and forgotten. Will’s doubts over helping her “remind” her family about her previous existence only makes her feel more alone.

When Alona’s rash action to take matters literally into her own hands results in dangerous unexpected consequences, a difficult choice must be made that will change their lives and the course of their relationship. The cliffhanger literally had me shocked and surprised it ended the way it did (sorry, no spoilers!). This book isn’t due out in bookstores until May 31st, 2011, but hopefully Kade is busy typing away at the next one. 😉


Of zombies, ghosts, and death gods…

Tomorrow may be the Rapture, or then again maybe not…

I love the fact that right now #zombieApocalypse is now trending on Twitter. Even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is jumping on the social media bandwagon and adopting the zombie trend to promote disaster preparedness. There is something just so cool about a government agency that is willing to be, well, weird. But, you know, weird in a good way…

BTW Is there any coincidence that the end of the world is coinciding with Zombie Awareness Month?

Well, I have a new app to try out, Comic Life, and I have to say I am in love with it. I found it very easy to use and once I figured out how to get it from the iPad to Flickr so I could upload it to Blogsy to upload to Blogger (did you follow all that?), I see some awesome future blogging potential.

In honor of the potential Zombie uprising I have a death inspired book review comic uploaded for your enjoyment. Enjoy!