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Book Review: Manic Monday, Inc

Just a little night shopping…

Advertisements Okay, I have a problem…when I can’t sleep, I check out Amazon and add things to my cart. Usually, they are items I saw as a Facebook or Pinterest ad, but have learned from experience not to order directly from those links. Sometimes, I...

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Fight Feeling Like a Fraud!

Anxiety is my Superpower!

My experience as a NICU mom

Advertisements On Saturday, September 24th, 2005 at 11:22 am my son was born. However, far from being the best day of my life, it turned into one of the scariest. The delivery went pretty easy, just about ten hours. The scary part came when the...

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May is Mental Health Month

Advertisements A lot of this blog is about finding balance. I focus a lot on how creativity and happiness can reduce stress levels, but sometimes you do need to seek professional help. With everything going on in my own life, my anxiety levels have been...

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Let’s Talk About Self Care: a top 5 list

Fake it ’til You Make it

Do you have a “fiddler” in the family?

Advertisements My family is filled with “fiddlers”…in other words, they are always spinning, flicking, or in some way manipulating something in their hands. My son has to be constantly told to stop touching things when we are in stores. We have in fact had experiences...

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