Dr Jen

Writer, educator, librarian, wife, mother…and want to be superhuman!


Hi, I’m Jennifer. During my day job, I am a librarian and educator. When not doing the 9-5, I am a wife and mother. Well, actually during the 9-5 too, those are not something that turns off just because you are in the office, just one of my many hats. Also as of November 2020, I am also a Doctor of Education! Say hello to Dr. Jen!

I am fascinated by so many things and am always trying to do it all…which you know can lead to burnout. But that’s okay, because I am a little bit of an expert when it comes to things that can help lead to balance. I studied creativity and innovation as part of my doctoral research, but I also specialize in workplace trainings related to productivity and positivity.

This blog started many years ago as part of a 23 Things professional development project to learn about internet tips and tools. Over the years, it sat pretty much collecting dust until I was inspired to revive it as a way to organize my mind and relieve some of the stress in my life. You see, blogs and other forms of journaling are a form of what we creativity researchers call small “c” creative tasks, or small creativity projects you can do on an everyday basis. New research in the field of creativity tells us that when you make it a habit to participate in these types of creativity projects, you can also reduce your stress levels. And boy do I need to reduce the stress.

Back in May 2017, my husband experienced some health issues that put him in the hospital and out of work. Fast forward several months later and we had a diagnosis, but our lives have been pretty altered as he is still not able to return to work. So we are trying to make going from a two income household to a one income household work. On top of having to remember to pay what bills when, I am also coordinating doctor’s visits, school stuff for our son, groceries, and all the stuff that comes with being a family. Talk about hectic!

This site aims to provide tips and techniques related to finding balance in our hectic crazy lives. We may be Not Quite Superhuman…but not for lack of trying!

Let’s Connect!

If you are interested in having me speak to your group or company, please let me know. Here are some topics I specialize in:

  • The Power of Creativity for Stress Reduction
  • Happiness in the Workplace
  • Informal Learning Systems
  • Employee Engagement
  • Goal Setting and Striving for Extraordinary
  • Slaying the Imposter Syndrome Dragon
  • Leading from Where You Are
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