Look for Glimmers Not Triggers


A glimmer and a trigger are not necessarily opposites. They represent different concepts and can have distinct meanings depending on the context in which they are used.


In this instance, a glimmer refers to a faint indication, a spark of hope, or a subtle gleam. It suggests something positive or encouraging, albeit potentially small or distant.

On the other hand, a trigger typically refers to something that sets off a chain reaction or elicits a strong response, often in a negative or distressing way. A trigger can be an event, a situation, or even a specific word or action that causes a person to experience emotional or psychological distress, anxiety, or trauma.

While a trigger can be associated with negative emotions or reactions, a glimmer is more commonly associated with positive or hopeful elements. However, it’s important to remember that they represent different concepts and are not inherently opposite to each other.

Puppies always put a smile on my face. What are some things that serve as glimmers for you?

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