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Here at Not Quite Superhuman, we are all about the informal learning. Those are those learning experiences that happen outside of the formal classroom. Libraries are all about informal learning after all. It is actually a term I adopted from collaborating with the folks at Kennedy Space Center back in my Children’s Librarian Days.


I already share some of the learning I pick up from my weekly reads (yes, I know I need to catch up on posting those reading round ups!). However, one idea I have is to take a look at a new TEDTalk each week and share ah-ha moments about it. This is actually something I do with my School of Library Science students at San Jose State University.

I am still brainstorming what this might look like, but here are some questions that can be asked after watching a TED Talk video:

  1. What was the main message or idea conveyed in the TED Talk?
  2. What evidence or examples did the speaker provide to support their argument or viewpoint?
  3. Were there any personal anecdotes or stories shared that resonated with you? Why?
  4. Did the TED Talk challenge any of your preconceived notions or beliefs? If so, how?
  5. What new insights or perspectives did you gain from the TED Talk?
  6. How does the information presented in the TED Talk relate to your own experiences or the world around you?
  7. What are the potential implications or applications of the ideas discussed in the TED Talk?
  8. Are there any specific action steps or changes you can make in your own life based on the TED Talk?
  9. Did the speaker present any compelling research findings or statistics? How do these findings impact your understanding of the topic?
  10. What questions or curiosities arose for you while watching the TED Talk? Are there any follow-up questions you’d like to explore further?

These questions can help you reflect on the TED Talk, synthesize the information, and generate deeper insights. They also provide a foundation for further research and learning on the topic. Stay tuned to this site to see where the idea goes. In the meantime, does anyone have a favorite talk to share? Jot a note in the comments to let us know what your favorites are!

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