Ten Fun and Frugal Summer Activities for Families


Congratulations! We all made it to Summer! That means school is out and if you have kids at home, then finding stuff to do that won’t break the bank is a must.


When it comes to finding free activities for families during the summer, there are plenty of options that can provide fun and entertainment without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Visit Local Parks: Explore the parks in your area. Take a leisurely walk, have a picnic, play frisbee, or fly a kite. Many parks also offer playgrounds, nature trails, and open spaces for children to enjoy.
  2. Organize a Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood or local park. Make a list of items or landmarks for your children to find, and let them embark on an exciting adventure while sharpening their observation skills.
  3. Library Events: Check out your local library’s event calendar. Many libraries host free summer programs, including storytimes, crafts, workshops, and educational activities for children of all ages.
  4. Family Movie Nights: Set up a cozy movie night at home. Choose a selection of family-friendly movies, prepare some popcorn, and create a comfortable viewing area in your living room. You can also project movies onto a white sheet in the backyard for an outdoor movie experience.
  5. Explore Local Museums: Research local museums in your area that offer free admission or discounted rates during specific times. Museums often have interactive exhibits and activities designed to engage and educate children.
  6. Outdoor Concerts and Performances: Check community event calendars for outdoor concerts, theater performances, or cultural festivals happening in your area. Many towns and cities organize free summer events that feature live music, dance performances, and other forms of entertainment.
  7. DIY Art and Crafts: Engage your family’s creative side by organizing do-it-yourself art and craft sessions at home. Use recycled materials, such as cardboard, paper, and fabric, to create unique masterpieces. Pinterest and online tutorials can provide inspiration and ideas.
  8. Family Game Nights: Dedicate an evening to family game nights. Dust off the board games, card games, or puzzles and gather around the table for some friendly competition and quality bonding time.
  9. Explore Local Trails: Take advantage of local hiking and biking trails. Spend a day exploring nature and enjoying scenic views. Pack a picnic and make it a full-day adventure.
  10. Community Events: Keep an eye out for community events happening in your town or city. Many municipalities organize free or low-cost events during the summer, such as fairs, parades, farmers’ markets, and outdoor concerts.

Remember, the key to finding free activities is to tap into your community resources, be creative, and embrace the opportunities that nature and local organizations offer. By doing so, you can create wonderful summer memories without straining your budget.

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