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I am sure you have seen posts similar to my title but focused on Instagram or TikTok…honestly, I very rarely use either. But I am pretty much always on Pinterest. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, so sometimes to calm my brain down, I will scroll though Pinterest. I know it is not suppose to work that way, but for my brain it seems to work…anyway…If I see a post cross-shared to Pinterest from TikTok or Instagram then I know it is something I should pay attention to. Here are some items social media convinced me to buy and I am more thankful for it!


When my husband started getting sick, I discovered I was buying houseplants each time he was in the hospital. The running joke for our family is that I kill plants. Maybe it is evolving into being an adult, but they are surviving and thriving. So I decided to sign up for a plant subscription box. (I have plant envy from the apartment in the movie Love Hard). I have so many plants now that I have paused my subscription until I can get the house a little more organized.

Recently, we bought new pans and while they are supposed to be scratch resistant, I wanted something I could use to scrub with no damage. These silicon dish scrubbers are great! No damage to the pots and I can scrub off the icky stuff.

My one dog loves being brushed, but the other not so much. When I saw these after so late night scrolling, I thought I would try it. He loves it! I imagine that he associates it to being petted. I do have two gloves, but he gets nervous when I use both. So for now it is just the one…the other dog of course is in love. But then again scritches are her favorite thing in the whole world.

I may be a little obsessed with organizing. Recently, I have come to associate it with my librarian brain wanting everything to have a designated space. My cousin would say it is the neurodivergency in our family. Either way, I have four of these drawers. Two are under my sink for dish washer pods and sponges. The other is on my counter for those random drink packets that go into water bottles to turn them into Gatorade or iced tea. I need more! These would be perfect for storing my makeup, art supplies, etc. All this because I saw a organizing pic that used them and became obsessed.

I initially bought this broom to scrub my deck. It works great at getting the dirt debris from my deck garden. It has now become my go to broom for in the house because of how great it is with dog hair. It also does a better job of getting the dog hair than vacuuming the carpeted steps. I now have a large broom and a dust pain version because it is so awesome. Did I mention it was also a great scrubber?

A few years ago, I attended a conference in San Francisco. There was a small mall across from the convention center that had a crepe store in the food court. They were cooked on a pan very similar to this. Imagin my surprise when my late night scrolling found a video for a home use version. I immediately had to get it. The crepes are so perfect! This was money well spent. Even the teenager uses it to make crepes for everyone and they come out perfect every time.

This is a wonder product…seriously where has it been all my life. I will confess that this is something that is not fully social media. I had seen the videos and posts from influencers on how awesome this was, but thought it was too pricy to be worth it. Then I spent thanksgiving at my mother in law’s house. She had some and I ordered some as soon as I returned home. I now have a standing Amazon order for it. I use it to clean more than just my dishes. It would the best on my glass surface stove too!

Remember that I said we bought new pots? The copper ones from Gotham Steel are the ones we purchased. They are fantastic! The food cooks evenly and very rarely do we have to worry about food sticking. I even bought the bakeware version and find that the baking sheets work better than the professional grade ones I purchased years ago. We use the one pan so much that it is starting to show wear, but I highly recommend these pots and pans. They are worth the hype!

My husband is always hot and I am always cold. So bedding is always an issue for us. So I decided to try these bamboo based sheets that claim to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are so lightweight and comfortable that I am also buying sleepwear made from the same material. It can be pricy, so I recommend looking for deals. Amazon frequently has lightning sales, but the Bedsure brand is one of my favorites.

Well, that is it for now. What have you purchased after reading or watching something on social media? Let us know in the comments.

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