Leaving a Little Bit Behind

No secret that I find Where the Mountain Meets the Moon to be an absolutely wonderful book that I share with absolutely everyone (Is that too many absolutely’s? Well, that is how absolutely awesome it is!). It is the story of a little girl, Minli, who takes a journey to meet the Old Man of the Moon to ask how she can bring fortune back to her family. Grace Lin is on my list of authors I would one day like to meet.
Now, Grace Lin has found a wonderful way to have fun while traveling. She created little miniature dolls of herself that she is leaving around France as she travels. As her blog says, “They say you always leave a bit of yourself behind when you travel” and that is what she is doing. Check out the further adventures of Pocket Pacy: a pacy in the pocket.
I remember as a child, my family took a trip to Orlando, FL. We are talking mid to late 80s and we did everything from Gatorland to Disney to Sea World. But despite all that, what sticks in my mind is my father burying a plastic baggie with some coins and bills in the atrium of the hotel we were staying at. He had friends that were traveling to the same hotel the next month and created a treasure hunt for them. It worked too. They found the baggie right where he said it would be (though the bills didn’t survive too well and I wonder about the maintenance of the hotel that the money was still there a month later). He had fun and they had fun. Win-Win!
What are some ways to unwind, let loose, or have fun while you are traveling? How do you make it a little bit more interesting than the everyday tourist thing?

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