P Is For Promoting Happyness


Yes, it is spelled wrong. Kudos points to anyone who can tell me where that one is from…

Anyway, today I heard some good, some bad, and some ugly. It had me thinking about happiness. With the economy as troubled as it is right now, many people are trying to just hold on. Many have been holding tight for longer than they expected and for some are just getting started. It is especially tough for those with kids because we want to give them the world or at least give them better than we had it.


Today, I heard about a government funded program that was giving capes out to the unemployed who visited their office. Yeah, bad idea and a waste of money, but I understand where they were coming from. When you don’t have a job, it is very easy to sink into depression and once that happens it is hard to climb back up. They were only trying to boost moral and send a message. Though that message could have been told in a more metaphorical manner rather than literally passing out red capes. Everyone is somebody’s hero regardless of what they do or if they have a job or they make tons of money. A lot of these heroes go unnoticed.

It is situations like this cape thing which paint a target on what other agencies are trying to do to help. I would like to hear more stories not about how the government or other companies are mismanaging but rather how they are doing right. When was the last time you heard about the family who visited the library where dad used the free Internet to search for a job and mom took the kids to the story time workshop being conducted in the children’s room, also free? What about the free tutoring offered to at risk learners through the school system? Free family movies in the park? Free lunch at the senior center? Volunteer run community groups that provide sports for youth? How about a company like Target that gives back 5% of profits to the communities they serve? Yeah, might not sound like a lot, but think of how much 5% profit for a company like that can go. Even individuals can do small things to spread a little good cheer.

Yes, times are tough, but we all have a responsibility to each other. We all need hope and something to get us through. What do you do to promote a little happiness?

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