I Need a Hero!


Comic books have a long history of opposition, but they have managed to survive through the years because they allow readers to feel a sense of escapism. They allow readers to feel powerful and in control. They root for the little guy and the pursuit of justice.


Comic book history has shown that stories about superheroes rise in popularity during war, during strife, during times of need…

When times are tough, people need something to believe in. They need to know that there is hope. That there is something out there watching over them. They want to believe in heroes.

While we can’t all don a cape and mask to track down the evils in society, we can be super in little ways.

  • Donate non-perishables to a food drive. 
  • Drop your spare change in the red kettle.
  • Pay that extra dollar at the pharmacy/supermarket counter for the add-on donation. 
  • Go through your closets and donate your gently used items to a shelter. 
  • Visit an elderly neighbor or a nursing home. 
  • Bring pet food or blankets to an animal shelter. 
  • Pay for the car behind you in the Toll Lane.
  • Hold the door open for the mother loaded down with bags and children. 
  • Have your children go through their old toys to donate to the children’s floor at a hospital.
  • Give the hassled restaurant server a little extra in the tip.

What are some more ways that you can be super? As the holidays approach even closer, I challenge everyone to be someone’s hero.

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